(Listed Price Covers First 4 Weeks)

  • Proctored by Champion Bikini Competitor, Nicole Rogers, LPN, DDC, who is also a Licensed Practical Nurse, and supported by our Lead Dietitian, Meg Forde, MS, RD, DDC, who also is a former Miss North Dakota International, the 16WBPC is the ultimate way to transform your body while receiving the much needed support of strong women, who have also walked in your (uncomfortable) shoes! 
Program Includes:
  • 16 Week Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • 16 Week Tailored Exercise Program
  • Weekly Phone Check-ins
  • Weekly Progress Pic Analysis & Report
  • Personalized Peak Week Instructions
  • Daily E-mail / Text Support
What To Expect:
  • Daily Attention From Your Team Of Mentors
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans Designed By Your Own Private Registered Dietitian To Ensure Maximum Results
  • Detailed Exercise Programming Specific To Your Body To Sculpt The Best Possible Version Of Your Body In Rapid Time
  • Support From Your Bikini Mentor, Nicole Rogers, a Licensed Nurse & National Bikini Competitor To Answer ALL Questions You May Have
  • A Team Of Passionate Professionals On Hand To Ensure Your Success

Your Mentors:

  • Meg Forde, MS, RD, DDC (Miss North Dakota International)
  • Nicole Rogers, LPN, DDC (National Bikini Competitor)
  • Mike Dolce, 4x Trainer Of the Year
Your team of mentors are the most experienced and credentialed in the industry.
You will be working with the combined credentials of a Registered Dietitian, Master of Science degree, Licensed Practical Nurse, National Bikini Competitor, National Beauty Competitor, Hall Of Fame Nutritionist, 4x Trainer Of The Year, coach of multiple world champion and Olympic athletes.
NOTE: Listed Price Covers First 4 Weeks. You May Choose To Continue In 4-Week Blocks, At Your Discretion.

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